Dee DeeA Nano Mission Lab Accidents
Level 6
Difficulty Hard
Character Dee Dee
Place Genius Grove-The Suburbs
Help Dee Dee investigate strange noises.
My Notes
I defeated some Power Painsaws and learned that Fuse is trying to dig into Dexter's old lab! Then I defeated some Doom Drones and Fusion Dee Dee. I collected a Pony Puff Princess doll to make a Dee Dee Nano.

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
I need some help! The Power Painsaws in Peach Creek Commons are nuts!

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Peach Creek Commons

Lab Accidents
I hear creepy noises from below, and I think the Power Painsaws are coming over from Peach Creek Commons to work with the Tech Tunnelers here in Genius Grove. Can you check it out?

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Power Painsaws are nearby. I think they're making those strange sounds.

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
If you could get rid of them, I'd be so thankful.

Step 2
Defeat 6 Power Painsaws

Lab Accidents
Can you defeat six of those Power Painsaws? I want them to stop bothering me and scaring me and stuff!

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Ooo! Good work. Say, did they drop something?

Dee DeeA Dee Dee looks like a claw or something. Can you show it to Professor Utonium?

Step 3
Bring Dagger Claw to Professor

Lab Accidents
The Power Painsaws dropped some kind of something-or-other. You should bring it to the Professor here in Genius Grove so he can look at it.

Professor UtoniumA Professor Utonium
You say you got this from the Power Painsaws? I'm afraid that they are trying to dig into Dexter's old lab by going underground. No doubt they are working with the Tech Tunnelers!

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Help! Monsters just stole one of my dolls. Can you come back?

Step 4
Return to Dee Dee

Lab Accidents
Oh, no! Monsters just raided the house and stole one of my dollies. This is terrible. Even though you got that claw, they still broke in!

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Doom Drones just stole one of my Pony Puff Princess dolls and escaped over to Mandark's place. Oh, what am I going to do?

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Can you go over there and get it back? Please?

Step 5
Find the Fusion Portal

Lab Accidents
There's a gooey infected area over at Mandark's. That's where the monsters went. Please get my doll back!

Step 6
Enter Fusion Portal

Lab Accidents
There's a gooey infected area over at Mandark's. That's where the monsters went. Please get my doll back!

Step 7
Defeat the Doom Drones

Lab Accidents
Cool, there are the Doom Drones that took my doll. If you can get it back, I will be forever grateful!

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
You did it! But wait a minute, something is not right...

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
The doll is missing it's head. And there's Fusion Dee Dee! Go get her!

Step 8
Defeat Fusion Dee Dee

Lab Accidents
My Pony Puff Princess doll has been beheaded! Who would do such a horrible thing? Oh no, it's none other than Fusion Dee Dee! Defeat her and get my doll's head back.


NanoDee Dee

Nano: Dee Dee

Type: Blastons


Damage - Point Damage - Point

Revive - GroupRevive - Group

Damage – Area Damage - Area

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