BillyA Guide Mission Kibbles 'n' Hits
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Get food for Runty
My Notes
Billy's pet goo, Runty, needs some quality food. Can you go to Habitat Homes and get him some?

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Kibbles 'n' Hits
Once again, Billy requests your assistance. However, I think we need to move on to other ventures. Go see what he wants, but pretty soon I will need you to meet someone Downtown.-Edd

Mission Offer

Kibbles 'n' Hits
Have you met Runty? He's my new alien green pal. He's nice. I want to get him some new pet food, and the animals at Charles Darwin have the best.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Kibbles 'n' Hits
Hmmm. I daresay that Billy is not going to be helping us in our pursuit of the Crazy Brain Candy. When you are done there, we should discuss out next course of action.-Edd

Mission Details

Step 1
Head to Habitat Homes

Kibbles 'n' Hits
You need to go to Habitat Homes to get some pet food for Runty. If you beat up the creepy animal monsters, I'll bet you'll find the best treats.

BillyA Billy
Sweet! Charles Darwin is really gooey inside, so you'll need to watch out.

Step 2
Defeat the Cyclomanders

Kibbles 'n' Hits
You need to make your way through the infected school and defeat Fuse's minions to collect pet food. Runty is hungry! Just the other night, he tried to eat my little toe.

BillyA Billy
Great, but do you think that's enough? Runty has a mighty big appetite.

Step 3
Defeat the Ramcycles

Kibbles 'n' Hits
I think you need to defeat a few more monsters to collect some more pet food for Runty.

BillyA Billy
Thanks! But I think you still need to collect a little more food. Just a little.

Step 4
Defeat the Motorillas

Kibbles 'n' Hits
You need to defeat one last group of monsters to get some more pet food. Then you're done...promise! Runty will be a happy little guy with all this yummy food.

BillyA Billy
Cool, that should do it! Come back to me and I'll give you a treat, too.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Kibbles 'n' Hits
Hey, looks like you're done with Billy. Listen, I want you to take that map and bring it to one of our suppliers Downtown. I think he can help us find the next stash of Crazy Brain Candy.-Edd

Step 5
Return to Billy

Kibbles 'n' Hits
You need to bring those bags of pet food to me. I wonder what I should give you in return? You like snot?

BillyA Billy
Gee, thanks! Runty is going to love this high quality pet food. I hope he grows big and strong and learns to do tricks that don't involve eating my face.

BillyA Billy
Anyhoo, Edd wants you to take this treasure map to Bloo down at Dizzy World! I'll send something cool for you if you do it! Remember to watch out for the Destroyusalls.

Step 6
Deliver map to Bloo

Kibbles 'n' Hits
Been nice playing with you! Now Edd wants you to take this treasure map to Bloo down at Dizzy World in City Point. Good luck! Don't fall in a goo puddle!

Mission Summary

Kibbles 'n' Hits
My slimy little friend named Runty was hungry! Thanks for making it through all that goo at Charles Darwin Middle School to get him some chow.

BlooA Bloo
You want me to do what? Sure, give me that map and I'll look at it later. I've got more important stuff to deal with! Oh, some kid named Billy sent you a giant sword.

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