Dexbot Q-59A World Mission Keys To The Vault
Level 27
Difficulty Normal
Character Dexbot Q-59
Place Monkey Mountain-The Wilds
Gather information on the Volcano Vaulters' legs for Dexter
My Notes
I helped Dexter study the Volcano Vaulters

Mission Offer

Keys to the Vault
Dexter is impressed with how Volcano Vaulters move. He wants to mimic their unique methods of locomotion for a new generation of Dexbots. Will you help?

Mission Details

Step 1
Observe the Volcano Vaulters in motion

Keys to the Vault
For the first step, Dexter needs you to watch the Volcano Vaulters in motion to gain some insight as to their unique movement style. Take this Video Camera.

Dexbot Q-59A Dexbot Q-59
Make your way to Monkey Mountain and gather footage of the Volcano Vaulters as they move.

Step 2
Obtain an Organic Arm Pistol.

Charcoal: 0/1

Keys to the Vault
Ok, I think we've collected enough footage. Now I'm going to need a concrete example of how the joints work. Get me an Organic Arm Piston to study.

DexterA Dexter
Try not draw attention to yourself. You should monitor from afar.

DexterA Dexter
The arm piston seems like a simple mechanism, but they're quite elegant.

Step 3
Return the Organic Arm Piston to the Dexbot.

Keys to the Vault
Make your way back to me. Dexter is eagerly awaiting the data you have compiled and the Organic Arm Piston. The "arm race" is escalating!

DexterA Dexter
Excellent work! Return the the Dexbot at once.

Keys to the Vault
With you help, Dexter will be able to create a new series of Dexbots that can vault over any obstacle at full speed!

Dexbot Q-59A Dexbot Q-59
I'll see to it that Dexter get these immediately!

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