A message was found on the Toilet Paper that you recovered in 'Imaginary Fusions (Part 1 of 5)'. It says 'Meet me back at the Outhouse. Mr. Herriman

asks you to go to  Camp Kidney to ask Toilenator if he knows anything about this message. We then find that the Tolietnator had written the note in an attempt to

get Fusion Bloo to come back outside of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where he could ambush him to makeup for showing Fusion Bloo how to get in the house through the plumbing. Tolietnator then says that you would be a better choice in the attack than him and says if you could find his 'Plunger of Doom' you could keep it.


recover the Plunger of Doom from Wild Skeeters.

 after returning the Plunger of Doom to the Toiletnator, he informs you that the handle is broken but that he can fix it then it can be used to go in after Fusion Bloo.


1650 Fusion Matter

586 Taros


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