If you've found Buttercup in the Marquee Row, she asks if you would go and tell the Professor and her sisters that she is ok.

2.First, talk to Prof.Utonium. He is relieved to hear that Buttercup is alive he then asks you to pass on the news to Blossom.

3.Talk to Blossom. Blossom is also happy to know that her sister is ok, then asks you to go and tell Bubbles.

4.Talk to Bubbles. Bubbles is surprised by the news and the fact that Buttercup was that nearby and asks if you would deliver a flower to Buttercup.

5.Return to Buttercup to give her flower from Bubbles. Buttercup says "Everyone was happy to hear I was okay? That's sweet. I know I will be strong enough to see them all soon. Thanks for the help. Man, I hate sappy endings."

Buttercup is still trying to get her memory back completely, and brings up the interesting point of Ace being her boyfriend.


Lvl14 crate

2300 fusion matter

1106 taros

This mission also gets an email from Ace, part of the Gang Greengang and his email says: Hey, listen close. Buttercup is my girl. We used to tangle but i'm totally straight and living the high life. She's in my band now. and she's a total rock star. Don't let anything come between us! Cool? -Ace

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