EduardoA World Mission Hot Potato
Level 3
Difficulty Easy
Character Eduardo
Place Peach Creek Commons (The Future) - The Future
Help Eduardo find his potatoes.
My Notes
Eduardo was sad because his potatoes were missing. I went into the infected zone in Peach Creek and got them.

Mission Offer

Hot Potato
There are monsters all around and I so scared and all alone! I had some yummy potatoes but now they are gone, too! Ay, caramba. Can you find them?

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the Peach Creek infected zone.

Hot Potato
I saw some monsters take my potatoes into the infected spot over in Peach Creek Estates. Can you go find them, por favor?

EduardoA Eduardo
It's muy, muy dangerous and scary in there. But you look brave and strong!

Step 2
Find Eduardo's potatoes.

Hot Potato
You need to look around in the scary infected zone in Peach Creek Estates and find my potatoes.

EduardoA Eduardo
Hooray! You found a potato. But there were more. Can you keep looking?

Step 3
Find another potato.

Hot Potato
Gracias, you found a potato. But can you find another potato? I know you can! They are definitely in the Peach Creek infected zone.

EduardoA Eduardo
Yes, you found another potato! I thinking there is one more to find.

Step 4
Find the last potato.

Hot Potato
If you can find one more potato in that Peach Creek infected zone, I will feel mas better.

EduardoA Eduardo
Oh, muchas gracias! You did it! Please bring those to me!

Step 5
Talk to Jack.

Potatoes 3/3

Hot Potato
Now that you found my missing potatoes, bring them to me in the Cul-de-Sac so I can be reunited with them once again.

Mission Summary

Hot Potato
Muchas gracias for finding my potatoes. They are so lovely and deliciosa. I still so alone and scared, but now I have some potatoes to keep me company.

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