Samurai JackA Guide Mission Horrordactyl Hunt
Level 28
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley - The Darklands
Fight the Horrordactyls plaguing the valley.
My Notes
I defeated the Horrordactyls in Dinosaur Pass.

Mission Offer

Mission Details

Step 1

The Power Level Tracker indicates that Demongo is deeper in the Darklands. You are not yet prepared for this challenge, but I can help you.

There are primitive peoples in this area, and Fuse's Horrordactyls plague their lives. If you can purge Dinosaur Pass of some of these foul creatures, I will know you are ready for the next step in your journey.

  • Return to Jack.

You have done well. Return to me to receive you reward from Dexter.

You have shown great skill and bravery. Now you must prove your abilities in the dreaded Fireswamps. If you can do this, you may pursue Demongo.

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