BillyA World Mission Head to Totem (Part 5 of 5)
Level 20
Difficulty Easy
Character Billy
Place Endsville
Find another totem.
My Notes
Billy tricked me! He used an energy transfer station to steal my powers. Who knows how much damage he could do with the Power of Destiny? The worst part is that I can't activate any more totems. What will happen if Fuse gets to the totems first?

Step 1
Talk to Billy to start the mission.
Step 2
Touch the console.
BillyA Billy
Hee hee! Now I have the power of the prophecy! Zippy!
GwenA Gwen
Billy transferred the power of the prophecy from you to him! Grab him!
Step 3
Talk to Billy to finish the mission.
BillyA Billy
Lookit me! I've got the power of the forces of Destiny! I don't know what that means, but I bet it's super awesome! Thanks!

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