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CoopA World Mission Hands on a Hard Drive (Part 2 of 2)
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Coop
Place Goat's Junk Yard
Restore the data on Coop's hard drive.
My Notes
I fixed Coop's hard drive, and Grandpa Max analyzed it.

Step 1
Deliver hard drive to Dexbot Q-12.

Required Hard Drive: 1/1

Dexbot Q-12A Dexbot Q-12
Greetings. Allow me to conduct a cursory analysis on Mr. Kaplowski's hard drive. Analyzing... data is alien in origin.

Dexbot Q-12A Dexbot Q-12
Warning: fail-safe device has been triggered. Please deliver this hard drive to Grandpa Max at the Fissure or data will be destroyed.

Step 2
Bring hard drive to Max ASAP.

Remaining Time: 300 Required Hard Drive: 1/1

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
What? You say you got this form Megas? Hang on, let me see... this looks like a Glorft Encryption Protocol. There, all set. Now I want to see what Fuse was so interested in here.

Step 3
Return data to Dexbot Q-12.

Hands on a Hard Drive (Part 2 of 2)
Good job getting that hard drive fixed. So, there was some Glorfit stuff on there? I hope you washed your hands after you touched it.

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