MandyA Nano Mission Hands Off
Level 24
Difficulty Hard
Character Mandy
Place Devil's Bluff - The Wilds
My Notes

MandyA Mandy
You ready for a new Nano? Then get your butt up to Area 51.5.
Step 1
Go to Area 51.5
Hands Off
If Fuse destroys the Great Machine, kids won't be able to make Nanos. And I want all my slaves -- I mean, allies -- to be as strong as possible. The monsters that are planning to attack are coming from Area 51.5, north of Nowhere.
MandyA Mandy
The Desert Clawdads are assembling to attack. You need to defeat eight of them.
Step 2
Defeat eight Desert Clawdads.
Hands Off
Defeat eight Desert Clawdads so they can't assemble into an army and attack the Great Machine down at City Hall.
MandyA Mandy
Good work. It looks like they dropped something.
Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Hey, can you please bring that item to me? I'm down in Nowhere.
Step 3
Deliver item to Juniper Lee
Hands Off
That girl Juniper Lee wants to see that thing you found. When you're done, come back and see me
Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
This is some strange alien totem. I don't know a lot about these things, but they are very powerful. I've noticed the monsters in the area are collecting them, but I'm not sure why. Can't be good.
MandyA Mandy
Quit stalling. I need to see you right away.
Step 4
Return to Mandy.
Hands Off
Are you done? I need you to come back to see me at Devil's Bluff. I've discovered who is behind the planned attack on the Great Machine.
MandyA Mandy
Fusion Mandy is leading the attacks on the Great Machine. That faker. She's hiding out inside the infected zone in the Really Twisted Forest. Do me this favor, and I promise I won't forget you.
Step 5
Go to the Really Twisted Forest infected zone.
Hands Off
Fusion Mandy is the monster responsible for the attacks on the Great Machine. Take her out of the picture, and I promise you'll be my friend when the revolution comes. You need to go to the Really Twisted Forest infected zone.
MandyA Mandy
Now you need to find the entrance to Fusion Mandy's hideout.
Step 6
Enter Fusion Portal.
Hands Off
You need to make your way through the Really Twisted Forest's infected area, find the Fusion Portal and enter Fusion Mandy's hideout.
MandyA Mandy
There she is. But she's got some guards. That coward. Take 'em down.
Step 7
Defeat ten Brackish Beasts.
Hands Off
Wouldn't you know it? That annoying Fusion Mandy has bodyguards. You'll need to get rid of those Brackish Beasts before you go after their boss.
MandyA Mandy
Finally. Now it's Fusion Mandy's turn.
Step 8
Defeat Fusion Mandy.
Hands Off
I can't have Fusion Mandy hurting my slaves -- I mean -- friends! That girl needs to go back to where she came from. Right now. Get it done and you'll have a new Nano as a result.



Nano: Mandy

Type: Blastons


Run - Group Run - Group

Treasure FinderTreasure Finder

Recall - Self Recall - Self

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