Ranger JoeyA World Mission Hairy Chest Test
Level 6
Difficulty Normal
Character Ranger Joey
Place Peach Creek Commons-The Suburbs
Get a Newspaper Ninja's throwing star for Ranger Joey
My Notes
Ranger Joey wants the Hairy Chest of Resilience but he needs to get a Newspaper Ninja's throwing star. Can you help?

Mission Offer

Hairy Chest Test
I am trying to get the Urban Ranger Hairy Chest of Resilience. I have to get a throwing star from a Newspaper Ninja, but I'm too scared. Can you do it for me?

Mission Details

Step 1
Collect a Newspaper Ninja's throwing star

Hairy Chest Test
I need to get a Newspaper Ninja's throwing star to qualify for the Hairy Chest of Resilience. Will you get one for me?

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Awesome! Can you bring that over?

Step 2
Deliver star to Ranger Joey

Hairy Chest Test
Now that you have that Newspaper Ninja's throwing star, please bring it over.

Mission Summary

Hairy Chest Test
Hey, thanks for getting that throwing star! Though I feel somewhat guilty about chickening out, at least I will have my Hairy Chest of Resilience to comfort me.

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Thanks for doing that. You really deserve the Hairy Chest of Resilience more than I do. You're totally brave! Here, take this reward instead.

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