Numbuh 1337A World Mission Gum Drop
Level 02
Difficulty Normal
Character Numbuh 1337
Place Sector V (The Future)
Help Numbuh Five get more gumball ammo.
My Notes
Numbuh Five and the KND needed more gumballs for their GUMZOOKAS, and I got them from those nasty Cyber Stingers.

Mission Offer

Gum Drop

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Numbuh Five

Step 2
Defeat the Cyber Stingers

Step 3
Bring gumballs to Numbuh Five

Gum Drop

Mission Summary

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
Thanks for getting that gum. Don't worry, I won't be chewing it all in one place. This is for our ammo stockpile only.

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