RexA World Mission Grounded
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Rex
Place Townsville Park - Downtown
Help Rex discover the source of the energy interfering with his nanites.
My Notes
I helped Rex determine that the fusion seedlings and the weird dirt were definitely both messing with his nanites.

Mission Offer

Sorry I've been in a bad mood. I just hate being grounded. I think you might be on to something, though. Up for a little recon?

Mission Details

RexA Rex
I overheard Six mention something about odd energy patterns coming from the Sunny Bridges Auditorium in Marquee row. You should check it out.
Step 1
Enter Sunny Bridges Auditorium.
RexA Rex
Ok. Apparently there are things called "fusion seedlings" in this area that are giving off weird energy readings. See if you can gather a sample.
Step 2
Gather Fusion Seedling sample.
RexA Rex
Better get a sample from another one just to be on the safe side.
Step 3
Get another Fusion Seedling sample.
RexA Rex
That's strange. They definitely give off that weird energy, but there's a higher concentration coming from something else. See if you can find it.
Step 4
Investigate the area.
RexA Rex
More dirt? That's just bizarre. Take a sample of that, too, and bring it back to me.
Step 5
Return samples to Rex.

Mission Summary

Those fusion seedlings and that weird dirt are definitely bot missing with my nanites.

RexA Rex
Those fusion seedlings and that weird dirt are definitely both messing with my nanites.

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