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A player grinding.

Grinding is the act of doing something repetitively, such as killing monsters or working up a trade skill.

In FusionFall, grinding is the act of fighting monsters for Taros, Fusion Matter, Nano Potions, or a specific item. Grinding may also be used as a primary way to advance your character's level.


  • Preparation; make sure you have the appropriate weapons for the kind of monsters you'll be fighting and feed your Nanos gumballs.
  • Make room in your inventory, whether your grinding for taros, fusion matter and/or items, you don't want to run out of space because you might just pick up something special.
  • Grinding in a group may lower the amount of progress or loot any one player makes per fight, but also makes those fights much quicker.
  • Before going out to grind levels, make sure that you know what you are going to kill.
  • It is best to use the following Nanos with these powers when grinding:
    • Scavenge - scavenge nanos are giving you more Fusion Matter while Grinding.
    • Run - if you use a run nano it is an option to get to monsters faster.
    • Heal - when you grind it is good to have a Heal Nano; it allows you to keep going without stopping to rest.
    • Sneak - prevents other monsters from seeing you while in combat.
    • Sleep or Stun - keeps the enemies incapacitated for a while (allows you to focus on one enemy while the others are snoozing/dizzy).
    • Damage or Drain - deals additional damage to your foes.
  • Use Shatterguns, it'll allow you to deal damage to more than one monster at a time.

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