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Grigon Entertainment Team

The Grigon Entertainment Team was previously the developers of the game FusionFall .

Chief Technical Officer: Byung Chul Kim Executive Director: Byung-Jun Song Executive Producer: Ben Byungeui Yoo Lead Designer: Nathaniel Ziolek Lead Programmer: Dae-Jin Jung Art Director: Tae-young Kim


Producer: Hee Jei Yoon Producer: Jong hun Park Producer: Je Joon Yoo

Game Design

Game Contents Design: Myoung-Jin Lee Game Level Design: Jae-Hoon Kim Game System Design: Han-Yong Chu Game System Design: Il-Han Choi


Server Programmer: Hye-Jin Lee Server Programmer: Jae Nam Kong Server Programmer: Jang Han Youn


Lead Programmer: Byung-Jun Song Client Programmer: Elena Yunjin Lee Client Programmer: Byung Hyun Choi Client Programmer: Young Wook Lee

2D Concept

Lead 2D Artist: Sung il Ji 2D Artist: Young Bok Kim 2D Artist: Dong Ick Lee 2D Artist: Seong Jin Choi

3D Background

Lead 3D Background Artist: Young-Ho Jeon 3D Artist: Sun-ho Lee 3D Artist: Kyung-mi Lim 3D Artist: Sue-hyun Lee 3D Artist: Young-gyu Ryu 3D Artist: Su-cheol Kim 3D Artist: Yun-kyung Ko 3D Artist: Sul-ki Park 3D Artist: Jong-hoon Kim

3D Character

Lead 3D Character Artist: Mi hyang Lee 3D Character Artist: Tae sun Bang 3D Character Artist: Ii hyun Song 3D Character Artist: Myoungsun Lee 3D Character Artist: Hyeong joon Lee

3D Animation

Lead 3D Animator: Hee-Jin Park 3D Animator: Zoon-Woo Kim 3D Animator: Sung-Tai Kim 3D Animator: Dong-Hoon Han

Quality Assurance

QA Lead: Sang-Hoon Ahn QA: Se-il Park QA: Hye-Kyung Shin QA: Seung-Hwan Kim

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