Green Gullet
Location Green Maw
Infected Zone Level 35
Green Gullet is a lvl 35 infected zone holding Dexter's airship, one of the last intact parts of the Battle of Hero's Hollow as its main feature. It is located in the Green Maw, and is the most challenging racing locations. Most of it's platforms are from destroyed KND, Dexlabs, or Mandark Industries vehicles, droids and ships. It holds many Cannons, but most cannot shoot far or high enough. This is the highest level Infected Zone so far. It is also the last Infeced Zone in the game and also it is the Infected Zone with the highest level monsters.

Note: Most players may need a Rocket and Jump Nano since the Infected Zone is high from the ground. Note: May need revive self nanos.Note:you can use recall nanos if you fall off.

Green Gullet Icon Green Gullet

Fusion lairs:

  • Fusion Coop's Secret lair
  • Fusion Kevin's Secret Lair (Northeast corner outside the Infected Zone)
  • Lair of the Fusion Eds

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