Mojo JojoA Nano Mission Going Bananas
Level 16 (18)
Difficulty Hard
Character Mojo Jojo
Place Mojo's Volcano - Downtown
My Notes
I recovered some Fusion Bananas from Orchid Bay. Mojo has been feeding them to his minions. The monkeys that ate them disappeared inside the infected zone in Bravo Beach. I went and defeated them all!

Going Bananas
It is time for a Nano! If you want this Nano, go to the infected zone in Orchid Bay.
Step 1
Collect Fusion Bananas.
Going Bananas
I sent my minions to Galaxy Gardens to collect Fusion Bananas, and when they returned with the Fusion Bananas, I let them eat the Fusion Bananas. But now Fusion Bananas have disappeared, and I want to find those Fusion Bananas. Recover my misplaced Fusion Bananas from the infected zone in Orchid Bay. Then we will have some more Fusion Bananas and we can study the effects of these Fusion Bananas.
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
Now that you have the Fusion Bananas, return to me with the Fusion Bananas!
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Hey! Don't bring those bananas to Mojo! Bring them to me, Boomer Bango!
Step 2
Deliver Fusion Bananas to Boomer Bango
Going Bananas
Now that you have recovered those Fusion Bananas, bring those Fusion Bananas to me, Mojo Jojo! And whatever you do, do not bring them to my minion, the one who is also located here at my volcano, Boomer Bango!
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
All the monkeys who ate these Fusion Bananas went to find Fusion Mojo at Bravo Beach. They have gone bananas! That's why I hid Fusion Bananas at the skate park in Orchid Bay. You will find them at the infected sand castle!
Step 3
Go to infected sand castle.
Going Bananas
So the Fusion Bananas have caused my minions to go bananas and join up with Fusion Mojo Jojo? This will not be tolerated! You must proceed to the Infected sand castle at Bravo Beach to teach Fusion Mojo Jojo that he cannot steal my minions! I believe I have been clear about this point!
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Now you must find Fusion Mojo Jojo's lair!
Step 4
Find the Fusion Portal
Going Bananas
The Fusion Bananas have turned my own minions against me! You must now find Fusion Mojo Jojo's lair inside the sand castle, and eliminate this inferior knockoff of me, Mojo Jojo!
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Look! Mojo's minions have turned into monsters! Attack!
Step 5
Defeat twelve Spawn Simians.
Going Bananas
Before you can launch your attack against Fusion Mojo Jojo, you must first defeat 12 angry Spawn Simians. To think that these creatures used to be my faithful minions! And now they are minions of Fusion Mojo Jojo! This angers me! And makes me mad.
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
You win! I never want to see those Fusion Bananas again!
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
Now to defeat Fusion Mojo Jojo and teach him not to mess with the real Mojo Jojo!

Step 6
Defeat Fusion Mojo Jojo
Going Bananas
Let us review: you recovered the Fusion Bananas that I thought were stolen, but were actually hidden by my faithful minion, Boomer Bango, who learned that the Fusion Bananas were turning my minions into Fusion Mojo Jojo's minions, which is why he hid the Fusion Bananas in the first place. Oh, forget it. Just beat up Fusion Mojo Jojo.


NanoMojo Jojo

Nano: Mojo Jojo

Type: Blastons


Freedom - Group Freedom - Group

Drain - Point Drain - Point

Guard Guard

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