Goat's Junk Yard Map
Goat's Junk Yard
Area Level 09
NPCs Coop

Based off of Megas XLR, Goat's Junk Yard is home to Megas, who has been covered in a Fusion Matter prison to prevent him from prematurely ending the Fusion invasion. Coop tried to free the metal giant with a fusion burner, but Fusion Coop sacrificed himself to make sure that Megas stayed trapped. Before getting into the infected zone, there is a chaos of junk and rubbish all over the place, and also some flying advertisment boards, powered by DexLabs. The Infected Zone (both Past and Future versions) make up most of the area, with the pathway to the entrance where Coop resides in a trailer is. If you go to the back Infected Zone outside, you can find a Scrapper Superior.


Scrap Scrapper Name Scrap Scrapper
Boss Scrapper Superior
Level 09
Type Adaptium
The Scrap Scrapper is a little bit of everything, which just means it has many dfferent ways to lay on some serious hurt. Turn it back into rubble...if you can.

Area: Goat's Junk Yard

Scrap Tyrant Name Scrap Tyrant
Boss Scrap Tyrant Champion
Level 09
Type Cosmix
This baddie is built from scrap, but don't underestimate it. Its body is built like a tank, cannon included.
Corruption Attack

Area: Goat's Junk Yard

Junkasaurus Wrecks Name Junkasaurus Wrecks
Boss Junkasaurus Daddy
Level 09
Type Adaptium
When you hear a roar like rusty metal tearing, you'll be too busy covering your ears to fight this Fusion. He might not have a crown, but he's the king of the Junk Yard for a reason.
Battery Drain

The Junkasaurus Wrecks' biography picture.


  • The Junkasaurus Wrecks is the boss character in the Junkyard location of FusionFall Heroes.

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