The ScotsmanA Nano Mission Go, Demongo, Go
Level 15
Difficulty Hard
Character The Scotsman
Place Townsville Park - Downtown
My Notes

Mission Offer

Go, Demongo, Go

Mission Details

The ScotsmanA The Scotsman
'Tis Nano Time! Go to Leakey Lake. A new Nano awaits for you.

Step 1
Head out to Leakey Lake.

Go, Demongo, Go
When warriors go mysteriously missing, 'tis usually the work of Demongo, the Soul Stealer! Yet Jack bested him not too long ago. I suspect Fusion Demongo 'tis the one responsible. One of his henchmen is told to live at Leaky Lake.

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Crikey! Wild Cogfish are surrounding us! Halllp!

The ScotsmanA The Scotsman
'Tis best for any warrior to help those in need. Defeat those Wild Cogfish

Step 2
Defeat nine Wild Cogfish.

Go, Demongo, Go
Numbuh Four needs yer help! Dispose of nine Wild Cogfish for our wee friends with the KND, the proceed further on yer journey to find Fusion Demongo's foul minion.

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Great job! Can you come see me at the Jungle Outpost, mate?

Step 3
Talk to Numbuh Four.

Go, Demongo, Go
Speak with Numbuh Four at the ol' Jungle Outpost upon Mt. Blackhead before ye continue onward. I suspect he knows a thing or to about Fusion Demongo's dastardly henchman.

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Thanks for the assist, mate! The monsters in this area are being controlled by a crazed Fusion in a kilt! If you could track him down, you'd save us all a heap of trouble. He's at Leakey Lake.

The ScotsmanA The Scotsman
A monster in a kilt, eh? Could this'n be our boy?

Step 4
Go to Leakey Lake infected zone.

Go, Demongo, Go
Good thing ye helped the KND. Now we know who to look for. Proceed to the Leakey Loch to find our quarry! Tread lightly; Leakey Lake is infected by Fuse beyond measure.

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
The Fusion's in the infected area, mate. Watch out. I hear he's a real ringer!

Step 5
Enter the Fusion Portal.

Go, Demongo, Go
Navigate the infected zone to find the Fusion Portal that shall lead us to the devious creature that works with that Fusion most foul, Fusion Demongo.

The ScotsmanA The Scotsman
Look! 'Tis the Fusion Scotsman. He's working for Fusion Demongo.

Step 6
Defeat Fusion Scotsman.

Go, Demongo, Go
'Tis Fusion Scotsman, the vile fellow. I'm not surprised t'find him workin' for Fusion Demongo. Let's send him back to whence he came, lads!



Nano: Demongo

Type: Adaptium


Snare - Self Area Snare - Self Area

Damage - Area Damage - Area

Revive - Self Revive - Self

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