EddyA World Mission Get the Goods
Level 03
Difficulty Easy
Character Eddy
Place Peach Creek Commons (The Future)
Help make deliveries for Eddy.
My Notes
I helped Eddy make some deliveries. I brought spark plugs to Mandark, lollipops to the Candy Pirates and a glass of milk to Samurai Jack.

Mission Offer

Get the Goods
Hey, you're the kid that helped me get my money back. You wanna help me with some deliveries? You seem to be real good at that kind of stuff.

Mission Details

Step 1
Deliver sparkplugs to Mandark

Get the Goods
First thing you gotta do is bring these sparkplugs to that nerd Mandark in Genius Grove. He needs 'em for some kind of experiment.

MandarkA Mandark
Well if it isn't the kid that is supposed to go back in time to save our entire world! Thanks for the sparkplugs.

EddyA Eddy
Hey, don't even think about taking a break. We got more deliveries.

Step 2
Talk to Eddy

Get the Goods
What are you standing around for? We got more work to do! Come back for another pick up.

EddyA Eddy
Okay, now you need to take these lollipops to the Candy Pirate weirdo down at the weirdo pirate village in Candy Cove.

Step 3
Deliver lollipops to Licorice Lips

Get the Goods
Bring the lollipops to Licorice Lips down at the pirate village.

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Shiver me timbers! Ye bring me the lollipops from that scalawag named Eddy. Yarrr! These are yummy!

EddyA Eddy
Only one more delivery to go. Come back here so you can pick it up.

Step 4
Talk to Eddy

Get the Goods
You still have to make one more delivery. Come back to the Cul-de-Sac right away.

EddyA Eddy
Here ya go. You need to take this glass of milk to Samurai Jack. You gotta go fast, the expiration date is today!

EddyA Eddy
Remember, go as fast as you can. I'm timing you.

Step 5
Deliver milk to Samurai Jack (Timed)

Get the Goods
Bring the glass of milk to Samurai Jack as fast as you can. He's at the junk yard.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Many thanks. A tall glass of milk replenishes the spirit. Perhaps you would like some. We must prepare you for your journey back to the past.

EddyA Eddy
Good job! Come on back and I'll figure out if I can pay you something.

Step 6
Return to Eddy

Get the Goods
Now that you finished your deliveries, you can come back to me in the Cul-de-Sac for some kinda reward.

Mission Summary

Get the Goods
You're really good at taking stuff that I give you and bringing it to the places I tell you. You're gonna go far if you keep working for me!

EddyA Eddy
Thanks a bunch! I'll give you a little something to show you that I care.

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