EddyA Nano Mission Get Reddy
Level 04
Difficulty Hard
Character Eddy
Place Peach Creek Commons - The Suburbs
Find Fusion Eddy and defeat him.
My Notes

Mission Offer

Get Reddy
Hey I recognize you. You're that hero kid everyone has been talking about. I need your help! Fusion Eddy has been disrupting our transportation lines. I haven't eaten in 3 hours! We gotta find this guy and put a stop to this. What do you say?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Numbuh 41
Step 2
Kill 6 Power Painsaws

Power Painsaws 0/6

EddyA Eddy
Righteous, but we still need to figure out where the guy is hiding. See if you can find any enemies in the area that might give us a clue.
Step 3
Defeat a Suspicious Drone

Clue 0/1

Ranger CharlesA Ranger Charles
That bug had Malph's Perfectly Purple Punch Slurpee all over it. Maybe we should check there?
Step 4
Go to Malph's
EddyA Eddy
Looks like we're not going in the front door. Maybe there's another way in!
Step 5
Enter Fusion Eddy's Lair
EddyA Eddy
Oh yeah Fusion Eddy is on the down-low no more. Go get him!
Step 8
Defeat Fusion Eddy
EddyA Eddy
My hero. No seriously! You deserve that new Nano for saving the king from a furious appetite!



Nano: Eddy

Type: Cosmix


Health - Self Health - Self

Run - GroupRun - Group

Guard Guard

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