Players travel around the world of FusionFall mostly on foot, controlling their characters from a third-person perspective. The character can run and jump to move about, as well as swim. Travel across long distances is facilitated by using transports like Mojo's Monkey Skyway Agents or the KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R vehicles.

Littering the game world are Fuse's monsters, which come in all shapes and sizes, usually relating to the area they inhabit. Players combat these enemies using a wide assortment of weapons. Weapons come in six types: pistols, rifles, shatterguns, rocket launchers, melee and thrown weapons. Players can equip two weapons at a time and switch between them at will.

The player's progress in the game is tracked by their Nanocom, a multi-purpose tool which covers all the game's menu functions. At the top-right corner is the minimap and the fusion meter. The Nanocom also regulates the players Nanos, which are visible in the bottom-right corner. To progress in the game, players collect fusion matter and taros, which serve as experience and money, respectively. Fusion matter also acts as the currency for editing a Nano's abilities.

Nanos are miniaturized versions of Cartoon Network characters which grant the player additional powers. Some Nanos have passive powers which increase the player's natural abilities, such as running or jumping. These only require the Nano to be equipped, such as Numbuh Two's speed boost ability or Mandark's jump boost ability. Other Nanos have manually activated powers that provide an edge in combat, such as direct damage or healing. These abilities have with a cooldown time once activated.

Players can socialize with each other through a list of predefined chat phrases and emotes in the Menu. Open chat is deactivated until the game is released.


The controls are reprogramable, but the defaults are:

  • Enter- Opens Menu
  • Left Mouse Button- Fire
  • Z-Fire
  • Right Mouse Button- Use Nano Power
  • X- Use Nano Power
  • C- Use Nano Potion
  • 1- Summon Nano 1
  • 2- Summon Nano 2
  • 3- Summon Nano 3
  • W- Forward
  • A- Turn Left
  • S- Backward
  • D- Turn Right
  • ↑ Arrow Key- Forward
  • ← Arrow Key- Turn Left
  • ↓ Arrow Key- Backward
  • → Arrow Key- Turn Right
  • Home- Autorun
  • ~- Close Window/ Open Logout Menu
  • I- Opens My Stuff
  • P- Opens E-Mail
  • J- Opens Journal
  • M- Opens Map