Hoss DelgadoA World Mission Fusion Pirate's Pillage (Part 1 of 5)
Level 21
Difficulty Easy
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devil's Bluff
Defeat Canyon Stalkers and Demolition Bears.
My Notes
I beat the Canyon Stalkers and Demolition Bears. But I still don't know if Hoss Delgado thinks I'm tough enough.

Step 1
Defeat ten Canyon Stalkers.
Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Good. But did you save any energy for the Demolition Bears?
Step 3
Defeat eight Demolition Bears.
Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Well, I guess you still had some energy left.
Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Come back and see me.
Step 4
Talk to Hoss.
Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
So. You're alive. I'm mildly impressed. Here's a reward.