Hoss DelgadoA Guide Mission Fusion Finale
Level 36
Difficulty Hard
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devil's Bluff - The Wilds
Stop Fuse's evil plot.
My Notes
I went to Fuse’s Lair and placed the Eyebore’s Eye in Fuse’s machine to stop him from making a Fusion Kevin army. I went back to the space port, and Ben thanked me in person!

Mission Offer

Fusion Finale

Mission Details

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Fuse's Lair... the darkest, scariest, creepiest alien fortress ever.

Step 1
Go to Fuse's Lair.

Fusion Finale

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Take out the Meteoric Guardians in the area before you look for the machine.

Step 2
Defeat nine Meteoric Guardians.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Good. Now put the Eyebore's Eye inside Fuse's machine.

Step 3
Place eye inside machine.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Good. That machine won't work now. The Fusion Kevins are useless.

BenA Ben
That was awesome! Come down to the space port and see me.

Step 4
Go to Ben at space port.

Mission Summary

Fusion Finale

BenA Ben
You've done an amazing job. Plumber bases, Max's satellite, Anur Phaetos, Fusion Kevins. You're a real hero now! Take this Plumber weapon with my thanks.