The Fusion Control Centers are where Fuse commands his armies. Each are located in deepest part of the Darklands. They are in Huntor's Crest, the Dark Glade, Hero's Hollow, and The Precipice. Each Control Center is guarded by some of Fuse's most powerful minions. Samurai Jack has a plan to lead a suprise attack on each of the Control Centers so talk to him if you want to help. Even though Dexter sends people to assist you, they do nothing and just let the player do the work and take the credits.

Control Centers

Here are each Control Center and their info.

Huntor's Crest

Fusion= Jack

Character Joining= Blossom

Dark Glade

Fusion= Mandark

Character Joining= Dexter

Hero's Hollow

Fusion= Lee Kanker, Marie Kanker, May Kanker

Character Joining= Grim

The Precipice

Fusion= Mr. Herriman

Character Joining= Billy (unintentional)

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