MandyA World Mission Fusion Among the Ruins (Part 3 of 3)
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Mandy
Place Devil's Bluff
Trick Fuse with scans of Fuzzy Lumkins.
My Notes
I got a scan of Fuzzy Lumkins and uploaded it into Fuse's system. Hopefully that will mess with Fuse's research. And I defeated Fusion Hex for good measure.

Step 1
Start the mission by talking to Mandy.
Step 2
Defeat Dagger Mantises until you get a Fusion Scanner.
MandyA Mandy
Now you need to get something to distract Fuzzy.
MandyA Mandy
Defeat the Necromashers to make Necromasher Mash.
Step 3
Defeat the Necromashers until you get Necromasher Mash.
MandyA Mandy
Great, you have the mash. Now find Fuzzy Lumkins.
Step 4
Deliver mash, and scan Fuzzy.
Fuzzy LumkinsA Fuzzy Lumkins
Git offa my -- yum! Tasty vittles!
MandyA Mandy
You need to enter the Fusion Portal to upload the image to Fuse.
Step 5
Go to the Fusion Portal.
Step 6
Enter the Fusion Portal.
MandyA Mandy
Oh, Fusion Hex is here. Get rid of that guy.
Step 7
Defeat Fusion Hex.
MandyA Mandy
Now you can upload the scans of Fuzzy into Fusion Hex's equipment.
MandyA Mandy
Use the console over there. Hurry up.
Step 8
Use Fusion Scanner on controls.
MandyA Mandy
That's it. You're done. Fuse is gonna be really confused.

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