MandyA World Mission Fusion Among the Ruins (Part 2 of 3)
Level 20
Difficulty Normal
Character Mandy
Place Devil's Bluff
Collect a Gooby Trap in the Ruins.
My Notes
I collected a Gooby Trap in the Ruins and brought it to Mandy.

Step 1
Start the mission by speaking to Mandy.
Step 2
Go to the infected Ruins.
MandyA Mandy
Try not to get splattered, okay?
MandyA Mandy
Get the Gooby Trap before time runs out.
Step 3
Collect Gooby Trap within 250 seconds.
MandyA Mandy
Good work.
Step 4
Deliver trap to Mandy to finish the mission.
MandyA Mandy
I can't wait to see what I can learn from this Fusion Matter. Fuse is in trouble now.

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