HexA World Mission Fusion Among the Ruins (Part 1 of 3)
Level 20
Difficulty Normal
Character Hex
Place Devil's Bluff
Defeat Necromashers in the Ruins.
My Notes
Hex does not believe that Coco's eggs can access Fusion Portals. Is Coco working with Fuse, or is Fusion Coco helping us? Anyway, I brought a Necromasher's Infected Bloom to Hex for further study.

Step 1
Talk to Hex to start the mission.
Step 2
Defeat the Necromashers until you get an Infected Bloom.
Step 3
Deliver the Infected Bloom to Hex to finish the mission.
HexA Hex
Fuse's creatures are a mystery to me, and the Fusions are even more disturbing. I wonder what this Infected Bloom will tell us. There is a strange magic at work here.

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