FusionFall Wiki is not Twitter or Facebook

FusionFall Wiki is a wiki, not a social networking site. Content remains the most important focus. Try to limit blatant socializing to our community chat.

To a lesser extent, it is also frustrating if users don't actually contribute constructively, but merely chat with other users about unrelated subjects on the wiki.

FusionFall Wiki is not a repository of FusionFall images

FusionFall Wiki is not a place for you to dump images that you feel the urge to share with everybody. If you upload an image to FusionFall Wiki, it must have a purpose, a place to be and it must comply with our Image Policy.

FusionFall Wiki is not an advertisement service

We do not allow users to advertise their sites or services on this wiki.

FusionFall Wiki is not an official site

In no way whatsoever is FusionFall Wiki officially connected to Cartoon Network, Grigon Entertainment or any other stakeholders in the FusionFall franchise. If you post material here, do not expect it to be seen by anyone officially connected with the franchise. We only purport to be a general resource and community site on the subject.

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