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Hello, Fusionfallers. Around the wikia, we see many, many questions. Many of those questions are repetetive. So we decided to make an FAQ addressing these questions.

Q: When will Fusionfall update again?

A: At the moment, they do not plan to update Fusionfall, despite the valiant efforts of Project Revive and the cries from the Fusionfall community. I, personally, think they are just too blind to see that the game needs to be updated.

Q: Why won't Fusionfall update again?

A: Well, the head administrator, Sinister, thinks the game is good enough how it is, and that it doesn't need an update. Obviously, he is very incorrect, but we cannot get to him and persuade him to update it.

Q: Why are the NPC's disappearing?

A: There are hackers within the game that are using a script to "kill" NPC's, and they do not respawn. This is fixed when the servers reset every Wednesday, as CN rarely ever does maintenance.

Q: Where are the Soulo Shells? (For Numbuh 2's Nano Mission)

A: The Soulo Shells are the biggest frustration in Fusionfall. There are so many players at once trying to hunt them. The best time to hunt them would be after a server reset. Sometimes, the soulo shells do not respawn, or have painfully long respawn times. So you may need to wait a while.

Q: Why does Unity keep crashing?

A: Unity crashes when your browser cannot handle the plugin or add-on anymore. Unity has a lot of data, and sometimes your browser just loses handling of it.

To Be Updated

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