Regular Guy
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Well-known and active, mostly responsible for off-site negotiations, policy management/adherence, and keeping the wiki structurally sound. Dapples in HTML coding. Active
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The realist of the bunch; blunt and to the point. However, has a nice side. Comes equipped with vast knowledge about FusionFall. Contact if you're unsure about content accuracy. Semi-Active
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More or less obsessed with quality control. A marauder that stalks the recent changes for poor edits to improve or revert. Contact if you wish to contract the same virus. Inactive
Fusion Aquaabyss
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TBA Semi-Active
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Obsessive grammar inquisitor. Generally very approachable. Feel free to contact at any time. Active

Former administrators

About administrators Edit

Administrators are experienced and trusted members of the FusionFall Wiki community who have access to restricted technical features ("tools") which help with maintenance. They are also useful as moderators in community discussion and interaction.

Additional abilities Edit

  • Delete pages, page histories, files etc.
  • Rename files (these are mainly images and videos).
  • Lock (protect) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without administrator rights.
  • Block an IP address or user name from editing.
  • Revert bad edits more easily using a "rollback" link.
  • Edit the MediaWiki namespace to make changes to the interface.

Administrator tasks Edit

As part of adminship, administrators are expected to use their abilities where it is considered necessary.

Administrator conduct Edit

Administrators have been entrusted with the means to maintain the overall quality of the site. With this in mind:

  • Administrators have no right to authority over the content and policies of the wiki. The administrators' authority is as large as the community would like it to be.
  • Administrators are, however, responsible for addressing disruption on the wiki by other users, including breaches of civility.
  • Administrators do not own the site. They cannot shut out the opinions of others.
  • Abuse of administrator privileges may result in a removal of user rights after community discussion.

Inactivity Edit

Administrators should remain active to assist the wiki, who has entrusted them with additional user rights.

  • An active status is defined as:
    • Continuing substantial contributions, defined as edits that do not include modifying user space pages, or correcting spelling/grammar/formatting.
    • A steady flow of such contributions, defined as editing on most days each month.
    • Reasonable speed in replying to user talk messages, defined as replying before the poster of the user talk message is forced to make an alternative consultation.
  • Administrators should alert the community to a leave of absence by adding the inactivity template to their user page. The administrator should also mark themselves as inactive on the list of administrators. Leaves of absence may be for any length up to two months.
  • If the administrator continues to be inactive for a prolonged period of time, removal of user rights will be considered by an active bureaucrat based on the non-fulfillment of the activity guidelines further above. Consideration will begin from when any leaves of absence were meant to finish. Where removal may be contentious, an active bureaucrat should also consult other community members.

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