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Welcome to the FusionFall Wiki,
the fanmade wiki about FusionFall and FusionFall Heroes that anyone can edit!
We have managed 1,479 articles and 7,205 files since October 2008.

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Cheese is a recurring character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, who occasionally visits and eventually settles in. He is known for being extremely stupid, such as repeatedly saying he likes chocolate milk but he is allergic to it.
In FusionFall, he is found at Hero's Hollow.

Nano Sign Featured Nano Nano Sign

Numbuh Four Nano
NanoNumbuh Four
Level 31/28 (Future/Academy Build)
Don't Give Up!
Revive - Group
Revive - Group
Numbuh Four inspires you to return to the fight if you get knocked out.
Battle Booster
Health - Self Area
Health - Self Area
Give yourself a health boost, as well as everyone in the target area.
Sabotage Strike
Drain - Area
Drain - Area
A special KND attack that damages all monsters in the area.

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