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Cheese is Louise's imaginary friend, who spends most of his time at Foster's. Cheese was first thought to have been a younger brother for Bloo that was accidentally created by Mac when Cheese slept in his bed and Mac woke up finding him there. Even though Cheese kept coming to Foster's, everyone else kept telling Cheese that he didn't live there and to "go home." Cheese didn't become an actual resident of Foster's until the series finale, when Mac's family was moving into Louise's apartment, and Louise couldn't keep Cheese where she was moving. Cheese's sheer stupidity and childish antics annoy nearly everyone around him. Few he meets are able to put up with him. He says many things that are quite random, and only Mac and Louise can understand him. Read more >

"The Numbuh Four Nano is a handy nano to have around at those later levels. Despite not being available until you reach the Darklands, the Numbuh Four Nano is extremely useful once there. His powers are Drain, Heal, and Revive, and he is a cosmix. If you need a strong nano willing to help you out, call on Numbuh Four."

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