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FusionFall Retro (alternatively known as Retro or FFR) is a full unofficial reboot of FusionFall, crafted over the span of almost one year by a team of devoted fans. The game is going to be using FusionFall's orignial game client to connect to their own recreated servers, set just before the Birthday Bash event. The game is still in production, with a 3 day closed beta followed by an open beta planned some time in 2017.

Differences from FusionFall

FusionFall Retro is using the January 2010 client, so:

  • The Academy is not used, using the Future instead
  • Only the original 36 Nanos will be available
  • FusionFall Adventures will not be present
  • All missions, NPCs, and other updated content added to the original game after January 2010 will not be avaliable

Additionally, anything marked with Not in Retro Small or in this category will not be available.


  • FusionFall Retro is under the FusionFall Universe banner, which also contains FusionFall Legacy.
  • The FusionFall Retro team will be closely monitoring their servers for hacks and anyone caught cheating will have their account permabanned.

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