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FusionFall Heroes title card

FusionFall Heroes is a free-to-play game hosted by that is a spin-off of the original game.

In early 2013, footage of gameplay leaked onto the internet, along with multiple links to the game's official website, spawning from Cartoon itself. However, the sub-site was occasionally locked on the Cartoon Network website for standard user access for short periods of time. On March 19, 2013, Cartoon Network formally announced the game's debut[1], and on March 25, 2013, the game was released.[2]


Announcement trailer
FusionFall Heroes - Which Hero Will You Be?00:34

FusionFall Heroes - Which Hero Will You Be?

When Planet Fusion attacked the Cartoon Network universe, a legion of kids rose up to help defend the world. But what were your favorite Cartoon Network characters up to? It turns out they decided to fight the fusion monsters right at their source! When they weren't busy helping the resistance, Cartoon Network's greatest heroes formed small, co-op fireteams to assault the Fusion spawning grounds. If they succeeded in their missions, they would strike a huge blow against Lord Fuse and his army of evil minions. Empowered by the rare element Dextronium, the heroes aim to destroy these monsters and take back their planet.



FFH gameplay

Gameplay guide.

Play style is quite different from FusionFall. Instead of free-roam platforming, the game takes a top-down view, with only movement, standard attacks, and special attacks available. Every action can be done with left and right click, but the standard a, s, d, and w can optionally be used for movement as well. As enemies are defeated, the player will build up his or her Dextronium. When at least one unit is full, the players can right click or press Space bar to do a Power Attack. Once all five units are full, however, the player may use those controls once more to perform a Special Attack.

Instead of the player creating his or her own hero, one must select one of the available heroes to use in battle. There are 11 main heroes, each with 6 different variations, giving them different stats and special perks. Unlike FusionFall, the game proceeds in rounds and waves, instead of an open world. From the menu a solo or party match can be entered at any time, which randomly pairs your selected hero with other players' selected heroes, and a random level.

Hero Ranks and Player Level

Heroes are able to have their stats boosted depending on their rank. The rank of any hero can be increased by purchasing that hero. Every purchase of a hero after it has already been received will raise its ranking by 1. It is possible to rank all heroes to level 20.

The player level gradually increases as the player continues through the game, defeating Fusions, getting good combos, and defeating boss monsters. As of right now, it is possible to achieve up to rank 20.

Solo and Party Gameplay

FFH Solo and Party

Solo and Party gameplay option.

As stated above, upon entering the game, players may choose to fight either alone or in a group. The part option offers a more beneficial gameplay experience than solo selection; for example, the player will most likely earn more coins and have a better defense against enemies. At the end of a party match, all four players' scores will be graded individually based on five categories such as how many coins they earned or how many enemies they defeated. The player is the highest total score will hover above the others.

Solo gameplay is played nearly the same with the exception of additional coins and enemies.


The game incorporates the badge achievement system used throughout Eight badges can be unlocked by the player if various qualifications are completed in-game:

  • Eggschange Rate: Buy 1 Egg
  • Fusion Slayer: Defeat 1000 enemies
  • Invincible: Complete a Mission With No Respawns
  • Hero in Training: Complete 1 mission
  • Combo Master: Get a Combo of 99 or more
    • Multiple successful hits in quick succession are reported as Combos above the character's head.
  • Like a Boss: Defeat 20 Boss Monsters
  • Hero Collector: Get One of Your Heroes to Rank 20
  • The Big Cheese: Achieve Level 20

Eggschange Rate badgeFusion Slayer badgeInvincible badgeHero in Training badgeCombo Master badgeLike a Boss badge


Main article: Eggs

In FusionFall Heroes eggs are presented as a type of reward, being available to the player after they have saved up enough earnings to afford one of the three classes of eggs.


FusionFall Heroes characters

Heroes are the combatants which players use during battle in FusionFall Heroes. Each hero, in its default state, is available for use at the beginning of the game. As the player progresses, he or she will be able to buy new variants of existing heroes through purchasing eggs. The more expensive an Egg is, the higher the player's probability to unlock rare variant skins. If a hero or variation skin has already been unlocked, the level of that particular hero will increase by one.

There are currently 11 main heroes revealed for the game, each with 6-9 variants.
Dexter Feedback Finn Fionna
  • Dexter Prime
  • Fez Dexter
  • Heatblaster Dexter
  • Goop Gear Dexter
  • Null Void Dexter
  • Crystal Dexter
  • Steampunk Dexter
  • Young Feedback
  • Fiesta Feedback
  • Boogie Pack Feedback
  • Ooo Feedback
  • Santa Feedback
  • Teenage Feedback
  • Original Finn
  • Foster's Sword Finn
  • Nanite Finn
  • Sweet Tooth Finn
  • Baseball Finn
  • Inferno Finn
  • Swashbuckler Finn
  • Berserker Finn
  • First Fionna
  • Fishbone Fionna
  • Flower Fionna
  • Fairy Fionna
  • Funhouse Fionna
  • Frosting Fionna
Four Arms Gumball Johnny Bravo Marceline
  • Proto Four Arms
  • Megas Four Arms
  • Smackhands Four Arms
  • Pompadour Four Arms
  • Spiked Four Arms
  • Toon Four Arms
  • Pom-Pom Four Arms
  • Marauder Four Arms
  • Vanilla Gumball
  • Marzipan Gumball
  • Magic Gumball
  • Wizard Gumball
  • Glowing Gumball
  • Fancy Gumball
  • Hex Gumball
  • Plumber Gumball
  • Enchanter Gumball
  • Alpha Bravo
  • Chef Johnny
  • Clobbering Johnny
  • Dragon Johnny
  • Venom Johnny
  • Johnny Bellum
  • Disco Johnny
  • Jester Johnny
  • Normal Marceline
  • Bonewing Marceline
  • Sunscreen Marceline
  • Ice Cold Marceline
  • Sweet Marceline
  • Queen Marceline
Mordecai Rigby Mojo Jojo
  • Regular Mordecai
  • Dockside Mordecai
  • Paddleball Mordecai
  • Grim Mordecai
  • Snack Bar Mordecai
  • Iacedrom Mordecai
  • Vampire Ax Mordecai
  • Rockstar Mordecai
  • Valhallen Mordecai
  • Regular Rigby
  • Raging Rigby
  • Abysus Rigby
  • Ybgir Rigby
  • E.V.O. Rigby
  • Clownproof Rigby
  • Wereskunk Rigby
  • Master Mojo
  • Cactus Mojo
  • Skullshot Mojo
  • Mojo Con Carne
  • Gator Gun Mojo
  • Modula Mojo
  • Slam Cannon Mojo
  • Dark Magic Mojo


FusionFall Heroes reuses a wide variety of locations from FusionFall, each with its own array of bosses and Fusions, including:


  • FusionFall Heroes features many unused monsters from FusionFall, like Neverest and Tire Titan.
  • The sizes of monsters in FusionFall Heroes differs in many cases from their sizes in FusionFall (e.g., Caterplugs, which are roughly rhinoceros-sized in FusionFall, in Heroes are about the size of a well-grown dachshund).
  • Four Arms, Mordecai, and Gumball's models are re-used from another Cartoon Network game, Formula Cartoon.
  • Finn's appearance is updated for FusionFall Heroes the better to match his FusionFall concept art.
  • In the Eternal Vistas-inspired stage, the Crypt, statues of Eduardo, Cheese, Grim, and Him can be seen.
  • On the Pokey Oaks North/Pokey Oaks South stage, a chalk drawing of Richard Watterson is seen on the street. Also on the sidewalk are tic-tac-toe boards and drawings of Bubbles, Bloo, and the KND logo.
  • Several weapons from FusionFall can be found in use by variants of heroes, and even some default ones.
  • Strangely, Feedback sports a single pupil in-game. This is a contrast from his look in Ben 10: Omniverse, wherein he has no pupils.
  • The Omnitrix symbol is incorrectly placed on Four Arms.
  • As part of Cartoon Network's sponsorship deal with DreamWorks Animation, double XP and coins were given to every player after watching the mandatory trailer for the company's animated film, Turbo.
  • Each stage has five types of monsters: shock troops, the monsters that are defeated with one hit (e.g., fusion spawn); mêlée (e.g., Timber Terrors), ranged (e.g., Killowatts), mini bosses (e.g., Dire Ape), and a boss (e.g., Cryptworm).
  • Sandwiches give 100 health points, oatmeal gives 200, and pancakes completely restore health.
  • Except for a brief appearance by Dexter, none of the playable characters can be found in the future of the original game. Ben (that is, Feedback and FourArms) is stated to have fallen in the invasion of Tech Square, and Dexter is later presumed to have done so as well. Mojo Jojo is said to have disappeared by his Monkey Minions. None of the others' fates are specified.





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