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This zone is worse, having very infected patches and is very hard to go through. It's extremely recommended to take with you a Revive Nano because there is only one Resurrect `Em at the beginning and you surely don't want to go all the way back to where you were! There are bridges and flying rocks nearby that can push you in the fusion matter sea from below the bridge. After a bridge, a stronger Fusion Demongo is waiting for you for revenge. Only a part of the stage is the original labyrinth but if you visit it, the Terra Claws are just ready to take a fight with you and they won't hesitate in battle!

Stage enemies

Stalactitan Name Stalactitan
Boss Stalactite Golem (Adaptium)
Level 36
Type Blastons
Built from the rock of a thousand victimized planets, the Stalactian will defend the heart of Fuse's network until it crumbles into dust.The Stalactite Golem is Adaptium unlke the Stalactians which are Blastons

Corruption Attack


Area: Fuse's Lair (Fuse's Labrynth)

Fuse's Lair (Fuse's Hall)

Terra Claw Name Terra Claw
Boss N/A
Level 36
Type Adaptium
Fierce creatures indeed, these guys are the supreme élites of Fuse's minions and can be very hard to stop. As you can see, since they belong in the labyrinth, Fuse must keep a close eye on them. These guys are practically little brothers of Lord Fuse's, despite their different look and attacks.
Eruption, Corruption, Battery Drain

Area: Fuse's Lair (Fuse's Labrynth)

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