Fuse's Throne is the last Fusion Lair of the game. Here, Fuse is protected by Doom Striders. Nine or more Doom Striders are located in the first section of the area. In the next section of the area, bounce pads that go to the top of a mesa are there. On that mesa, a number of zip lines can take you to another mesa. On that mesa, about six more Doom Striders lurk along with Samurai Jack. Most of the lines go all the way across, but two of them drop you down into a fusion lake. It is much easier to choose lines that go all the way.

After defeating a dozen Doom Striders, you talk to Jack who was injured while fighting off the Doom Striders. Another couple of bounce pads to jump on, then you can take a zip line down to blue bounce platforms that send you up to Fuse's "stage," where you battle Fuse!

Doom Strider Name Doom Strider
Boss None
Level 36
Type Cosmix
Doom Strider's are miniature versions of Don Doom itself. Eventually, these creatures will become versions of Don Doom. Better take them out before that happens! To make things even worse, these things will eventually become so huge that some of them even guard Fuse's Lair as we speak! They say good things come in small packages, but with these things, bad things come in small packages. Don't believe us? Fight some of these some time and you'll see.

Fuse's Lair (Fuse's Throne)

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