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Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.


Princess BubblegumA World Mission Free Candy!
Level 18
Difficulty Normal
Character Princess Bubblegum
Place None
Princess Bubblegum asked met to rescue Candy Princess from the Ice King's dungeons.
My Notes
I rescued Candy Princess from the Ice King's dungeon for Princess Bubblegum

Mission Offer

Free Candy!
I am pleased you are here, heroic adventurer. I have grave news. It appears the Ice King is up to his old tricks and has begun kidnapping princesses again. Will you help?

Mission Details

Princess BubblegumA Princess Bubblegum
The Ice King has gone too far and kidnapped a princess who is a good friend and a kindred spirit. To free here you must enter the dungeon of the Ice King.
Step 1
Enter the Ice King's Dungeon.
Princess BubblegumA Princess Bubblegum
To proceed you must enter the pit. Jake will assist you in getting out. He is magical you know. He awaits you in the pit itself, but be ware the Glacial Golems, they are not nice.
Step 2
Find Jake.
JakeA Jake
Hey dude. If you're done pulverizing those Golems just hop on my back and I'll bounce you up to those ice platforms.
Step 3
Get out of the pit.
Princess BubblegumA Princess Bubblegum
You will need to defeat the Ice King's Glacial Golems to clear a path. Good luck!
Step 4
Defeat 7 Glacial Golems.

Glacial Golem: 0/7

Princess BubblegumA Princess Bubblegum
There she is! Free the Candy Princess from the Ice King's prison!
Step 5
Rescue the "Candy Princess".
Candy WifeA Candy Wife
Step 6
Talk to Princess Bubblegum in the Ice King's Basement.

Mission Summary

Free Candy!
That was truly righteous. Everyone in the Candy Kingdom will know of your noble deeds!

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