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Note: This thread has been unedited for 847 days. It is considered archived — the discussion is over. Do not edit this thread unless it really needs a response.

Welcome to the help desk. This is a place to ask for help from other members of this Wikia's community. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic".

For other sources of help, please see the help category.

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TopicLast postLast author
Help Me Please03:16, December 1, 201299.183.145.4
Fusion Fall won't start!08:13, November 5, 2012Thomas Macwrecker
I need help/What are these things?21:56, October 8, 2012Mighty Wanderer
I need jersey devil wings02:02, July 31, 201224.6.91.148
How to do screenshot?16:51, January 27, 2012Dane Echo
Browsing game files02:24, July 30, 2011Fusion Aquaabyss
How do i get nanocom boosters15:13, April 25, 2011Kingdomcode
I lost the conection with the server very fast18:27, February 27, 2011Coolum444
Blo01:23, February 23, 2011Fusion Aquaabyss
Level 4 character stuck in level 24 area. How do I get out?22:03, November 22, 201099.11.206.44
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