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Level 5 Hard
Jibba Jabba
Sector V - The Suburbs
Rewards: Morbucks Legs, 480 Fusion Matter, 109 Taros

Mission Offer: Father says that he knows someone called Stickybeard the pirate, who has a very valuable map of the area. Go see him in the pirate village and get the map.

Step One: Talk to Stickybeard.
You will find Stickybeard in the pirate village at Candy Cove. Ask him for his map of the suburbs. It details all the infected zones in the area, and will be of vast help. Tell him Father sent you.

Step Two: Collect the map.
You need to make your way through the infected area on the Sweet Revenge to get Stickybeard's map back.

Step Three: Deliver map to Father.
Now that you have the map, bring it to Father at the Cul-de-Sac in Peach Creek Commons.

Mission Summary: You really went the extra mile by going inside the Sweet Revenge to get that map. Mojo Jojo may think about recognizing you for your efforts.

Notes: Recover a map of the suburbs from Stickybeard.
I went on board the Sweet Revenge and collected a map.

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