Eternal Meadows Map
Eternal Meadows
Area Level 09
NPCs A. Kwest's Gravestone

Eternal Meadows is a large area mostly consisting of the "Boneyard" infected zone. It lies north of Eternal Vistas and is part of Endsville. The infected zone is home to Fusions Billy and Him, and a Monkey Skyway Agent lies directly outside the warp gate of the infected zone.

Other features of Eternal Meadows include the giant graveyard in the south part of the area, as well as the A. Kwest gravestone, which contains a Level 29 mission. There are also some random Urban Rangers surrounding a gravestone, crying for a friend lost in the war.

A treasure deposit of Crazy Brain candy is here and Batty Bloodsuckers have Buttercup's Scrapbook. To find a Batty Brampire, the player should go to the back of The Boneyard (outside). The body of liquid Fusion Matter in the Boneyard resembles a skull, and may have some relation to the "skull island" south of Orchid Bay.


Batty Bloodsucker Name Batty Bloodsucker
Boss Batty Brampire
Level 9
Type Adaptium
Vis Bloodsucker vused to ve a van, vut vow he's vostly vust a bat. Blah!

Area: Eternal Meadows

Spinetingler Name Spinetingler
Boss Cackling Spinetingler
Level 9
Type Blastons
Over time, A Spooka's anger and frustration grows and grows until it turns into a Spinetingler. If you thought Spookas were scary, then turn back now.

Area: Eternal Meadows

Jock-O-Lantern Name Jock-O-Lantern
Boss Dumb Jock-O-Lantern
Level 9
Type Cosmix
These plants are masters of their pumpkin patch. They may have thick heads, but they've got thick skins, too. Not to mention natural athleticism!

Area: Eternal Meadows

Fusion Lairs


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