EddyA World Mission Eddy Money
Level 3
Difficulty Easy
Character Eddy
Place Peach Creek Commons (The Future) - The Future
Help collect some money for Eddy.
My Notes
I got some money for eddy from Ranger Joey, but only after I beat up a bunch of Fuse's monsters.

Mission Offer

Eddy Money
There's only one thing worse than a stupid alien invasion: when a stupid Urban Ranger owes you money. Can you find that kid Joey? He's here in the Cul-de-Sac.

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Ranger Joey.

Eddy Money
Go find Ranger Joey! He's somewhere around here in the Cul-de-Sac, and he owes me a dollar!

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Yeah, I owe Eddy a dollar for some x-ray specs that he gave me. But they didn't even work!

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Listen if Eddy wants his money, you're gonna have to get my wallet back from those Dire Hydras nearby.

Step 2
Defeat the Dire Hydras.

Eddy Money
Oh, the old "monsters stole my wallet" excuse. I guess you better go outside the Cul-de-Sac and beat up some Dire Hydras.

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
You got it! Bring it over here, okay?

Step 3
Bring wallet to Joey.

Eddy Money
Bring that kid his wallet, then get me my moolah!

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey wallet is empty. Oops. Here, maybe Eddy will take this dirty sweatsock instead.

Step 4
Bring sweatsock to Eddy.

Eddy Money
Hey, what did Joey give you? Bring it over to me right now!

EddyA Eddy
What's this? A dirty sweatsock? Hmmm...smells gross. This might keep the monsters at bay. That's worth at least a buck and a quarter.

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Hey, did Eddy buy the sock? Sweet! Come back here.

Step 5
Bring money to Ranger Joey.

Eddy Money
Hey, go tell that kid Joey that I still want my money. But you can bring him the cash for that groovy sweatsock.

Ranger JoeyA Ranger Joey
Thanks, pal. I'm gonna keep the quarter. Bring this dollar back to Eddy and we'll be Even Steven.

Step 6
Deliver dollar to Eddy.

Eddy Money
Hurry up and get back here with my money, already. I'm starting to grow mold.

Mission Summary

Eddy Money
Nice work, kid! You may be able to help me around here. The war with Fuse means business has been booming! Stop by if you want to lend a hand.

EddyA Eddy
Good job! I love the smell of money. At least it smells better than an old sweatsock! Take a reward for your trouble.

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