Ranger RalphieA Guide Mission Ed-vanced Combat
Level 4
Difficulty Hard
Character Ranger Ralphie
Place Sector V-The Suburbs
Help Numbuh Two in Sector V.
My Notes
I spoke to Numbuh Two and helped hm defeat a number of Caterplugs in Sector V.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Ed-vanced Combat
Numbuh Two just sent me an urgent message. Apparently, the ice cream ammo we supplied is already gone, though I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is tummy-related. Regardless, can you see Ranger Ralphie to address the issue? Thanks!-Edd

Mission Offer

Ed-vanced Combat
Numbuh Two is complaining that the ice cream ammo is gone, though I suspect he ate it. And now he's having problems with monsters. Can you help?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Numbuh Two.

Ed-vanced Combat
Numbuh Two says he's all out of ice cream ammo again, even though you just brought him some. And now Sector V is overrun with Fuse's creatures. Better go talk to Numbuh Two.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
I"m so glad you're back. I accidentally ran out of the ice cream ammo you brought...BURP! Can you please help me take care of the Caterplugs in the area? Thanks!

EddA Edd
Did Numbuh Two truly eat all that ice cream? Wow!

Step 2
Defeat eight Caterplugs.

Ed-vanced Combat
You need to help Numbuh Two by defeating eight Caterplugs in Sector V.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Thanks! I knew I could count on you.

Ranger RalphieA Ranger Ralphie
Please come back to Hero Square and I'll reward you.

Step 3
Return to Ranger Ralphie.

Ed-vanced Combat
Good work defending Sector V from Infestation. Please come back to Hero Square.

Mission Summary

Ed-vanced Combat
Sure enough, Numbuh Two ate all the ice cream ammo before he could use it. Well, thanks for helping him out. We need to keep the KND in our customer file.

Ranger RalphieA Ranger Ralphie
Gracious! The KND really use a lot of ice cream ammo, but that's what keeps Eddy in business. Good work!

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