Mojo JojoA Guide Mission Double Doublecross
Level 30
Difficulty Hard
Character Mojo Jojo
Place Mojo's Volcano - Downtown
My Notes
Double Doublecross
So, this one named Mandy thinks she can toy with me, Mojo Jojo? We shall see about that! I am wise to her plan, and now we shall turn the tables on her!
Step 1
Talk to Dexter.
Double Doublecross
Your friend Dexter, who is smart, but not as smart as me, says that he has some information about Mandy, the one who tricked me! To make up for your disobedience, you will go talk to Dexter at once!
DexterA Dexter
I'm pleased that Mandy helped you sabotage Mojo's plan, but I'm afraid her motives were not very honorable.

DexterA Dexter
Mandy is trying to create her own army of loyal followers by using the magnified power of that Hypnotic Charm. Go back to Mandy and we'll show her the error of her ways.
Step 2
Go to Mandy at Devil's Bluff.
Double Doublecross
You see?!? This Mandy thinks she can make a fool of Mojo Jojo, but Mojo Jojo is no fool! Return to Devil's Bluff and make Mandy the fool, instead!

Double Doublecross
Ha ha ha! If Mandy thinks thinks it is fun to doublecross someone, wait until she is doublecrossed! Then she can decide whether or not it is fun to be doublecrossed.
MandyA Mandy
I'll bet Mojo turned an even brighter shade of green when he saw you. Good work. Now let's discuss how we can make some improvements around here. I've got a nice weapon for you too.

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