HimA Nano Mission Doppelganger Gang
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Him
Place Endsville
My Notes

HimA Him
Oh, goodie! You can make a Nano! Go to the infected zone at Charles Darwin.
Step 1
Go to Charles Darwin infected zone.
Doppelganger Gang
Some of Fusion Him's nasty underlings came through here last night, causing all kinds of a ruckus. They ran off in the direction of Charles Darwin Middle School. Be a dear and go out to Habitat Homes for me, would you?
HimA Him
Find Fusion Him's lair without delay! And try not to get yourself killed.
Step 2
Enter Fusion Portal.
Doppelganger Gang
Find the portal that leads to Fusion Him's lair. Careful, darling. The infected zone is quite hazardous.
BlossomA Blossom
Thank goodness you're here! I'm trapped! You need to get the key!
Step 3
Defeat the Motorillas.

Key: 0/1

Doppelganger Gang
Would you look at that? Fusion Him's little friends have trapped Blossom, the poor girl. Maybe this cretin isn't so bad, after all. Well, you need to defeat those Motorillas to recover the key that will free Blossom.
BlossomA Blossom
Good work! Bring the key, quick. This trap is draining my energy, fast.
Step 4
Free Blossom.
Doppelganger Gang
You've recovered the key from the Motorillas. You can use it to free Blossom, I suppose. Although it's quite amusing to see her in distress.
BlossomA Blossom
Thanks. Fuse is trying to capture superheroes, and Fusion Him is doing the dirty work. You're going to have to fight him on you own. That trap drained all my energy.
HimA Him
Good luck! If you get my pink stole back, just keep it. I'm sure it's totally ruined.
Step 5
Defeat Fusion Him.
Doppelganger Gang
Put an end to Fusion Him, won't you? These creatures are clearly not magical in nature, but alien nincompoops. Though I wonder why Fuse is trying to kidnap superheroes? Something to ponder!



Nano: Him

Type: Blastons


Drain - Area Drain - Area

Health - Self Area Health -Self_Area

Freedom - Self Freedom - Self

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