GrimA World Mission Don't Fear the Reaper (Part 4 or 4)
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Grim
Place Orchid Bay
Help Grim fight Fusion Grim.
My Notes
I brought the Fusion Matter Declarifier to Grim, and he used it to get through a portal to Fusion Grim. Looks like once again, Grim is no traitor.

Warning! Be prepared to escort Grim through Fusion Grim's Lair which is filled with 20Lv Spawn Simians. This mission was poorly thought out because Grim can't die, and he brings players back to life, even though he can be defeated in this mission

Step 1
Talk to Grim to begin the mission.
Step 2
Defeat five Breaker Bears.
Step 3
Enter the infected zone.
Step 4
Use the device on mine cart.
Step 5
Enter the Fusion Portal.
Step 6
Defeat Fusion Grim.
Step 7
Talk to Grim before leaving to finish the mission.


  • Note-There has been a glitch in the mission.If the player won`t follow grim,he will disappear and the mission will remain at the part the player must use the device on the cart even if the player is in the lair, forcing the player to close the lair and use the device.

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