Grandpa MaxA World Mission Do Not Enter
Level 22
Difficulty Hard
Character Grandpa Max
Place Townsville Park
Deliver an image from Plumber files to Ben.
My Notes
I delivered an image to Ben that proves Planet Fusion's connection with Ghostfreak. Then I helped Ben reinforce the security around the space port.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Do Not Enter
Grandpa Max told me that he collected some pretty strange information from that data miner you found earlier. I'm afraid my suspicions about Ghostfreak may be confirmed. Go see what he's talking about, okay? -Ben

Step 1
Talk to Grandpa Max to start the mission.

Grandpa MaxA FROM: Grandpa Max
SUBJECT: Do Not Enter
Looking carefully at the image of this tablet, it seems to indicate that Fuse once visited Ghostfreak's homeworld, Anurphaetos. I wonder what it means? While I continue my research, you should see what Ben thinks. -Max

Step 2
Deliver archive image to Ben.

BenA Ben
What's this? Max found something that links Anurphaetos with Fuse? Well...I've got more important problems. You couldn't have come at a better time.

BenA Ben
The spawns are getting into the spaceport through three different gates by tampering with the security fields. I'll try to distract them while you recharge those security gates as fast as you can.

Step 3
Recharge the first security gate within 90 seconds.

Step 4
Recharge the second security gate within 180 seconds.

Step 5
Recharge the third security gate within 180 seconds

BenA Ben
You did it. Those gates should hold them off...for now. Come on back.

Step 6
Talk to Ben to finish the mission.

BenA Ben
Nice work recharging those security gates. They'll hold, but I'm sure Fuse will find another way in, eventually. Here, take this Sumo Slammer stuff as a reward...I can't use it.

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