Dexter Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Blossom Battle04HardBlossomSector V
Major Worry04HardBlossomSector V
Sector Defender05HardBlossomSector V
Lab Assistance05HardBlossomSector V
Home Invaders06HardBlossomSector V
Hardware Help06HardBlossomSector V
Supplies Party07HardBlossomSector V
Spooky Spies08HardBlossomSector V
Remember Buttercup09HardBlossomSector V
Bad Nukes10HardBlossomSector V
Relay Race11HardBlossomSector V
See Ya Later, Alternator12HardBlossomSector V
Dexlabs Delivery13HardDexbot Q-12City Station
Ms. Missing14HardDexbot Q-12City Station
Don't Lose Your Head I15HardGrimOrchid Bay
Don't Lose Your Head II16HardGrimOrchid Bay
Laser Blast17HardGrimOrchid Bay
Don't Lose Your Head III18HardGrimOrchid Bay
Love and Hades19HardGrimOrchid Bay
What The Hades20HardGrimOrchid Bay
Strike A Cord21HardGrimOrchid Bay
Power up22HardGrimOrchid Bay
Spa Daze23HardGrimOrchid Bay
Tracking Jack24HardDexterTech Square
Warrior's Welcome25HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Magical Aid26HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Tech Meets Magic27HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Horrordactyl Hunt28HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Friend in Need29HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
The Power of Bonk30HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Demongone31HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Bully the Bullies32HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Soul Recovery33HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Warriors Reborn34HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
The Dark Wizard35HardDexterTech Square
Shadows of Aku36HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley

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