Dexter is impressed with how Volcano Vaulters move. He wants to mimic their unique methods of locomotion for a new generation of Dexbots. Will you help?

–Dexbot Q-59, requesting help from the hero

Dexbot Q-59 is a Dexbot that is stationed in Monkey Mountain. He is next to Numbuh 621.

Dexbot Q-59 sends the hero to observe the Volcano Vaulters because Dexter wants to mimic their movements to create a new generation of Dexbots. The hero observes the Volcano Vaulters from afar and captures video footage of them with the video camera supplied by Dexbot Q-59. The hero then engages the Fusion to get an Organic Arm Piston for the Dexbot to study. After defeating the Volcano Vaulters, the hero returns the Organic Arm Piston to Dexbot Q-59 who says that he'll report the info to Dexter in Tech Square.

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