Part One of Four

Level 29 - Easy
Huntor's Crest - The Darklands
Mission Rewards: Daredevil Shirt, 8700 Fusion Matter, 6735 Taros.

If you want to learn more of the Master Weapon, you must venture into the Fireswamps. Are you ready, or will you simply burn?

I will reveal the mysterious force that grips Fuse's monsters. First it sends them on a rampage, then causes them to drop a special weapon when defeated. We will start by searching out any monster in a frenzy. The Lizard Queens in the Fireswamps are your first targets.

  • Deliver the Spiny Arrowhead to Demongo.

Bring the Spiny Arrowhead to me.

Demongo: Yesss. I must examine that Spiny Arrowhead.
Samurai Jack: Has Demongo revealed any more information about the Master Weapon?

The Lizard Queens were on a rampage, and now the Spiny Arrowhead is yours. Why did they frenzy, do you ask? All in time, my pupil.

Part Two of Four

Level 30 - Easy
Huntor's Crest - The Darklands
Mission Rewards: 30LV Mission Crate, 9300 Fusion Matter, 7076 Taros.

Now the Miasma Hulks in the Firepits are in a frenzy. Defeat them, and surely a new weapon will be added to your arsenal.

  • Defeat Five Miasma Hulks.

I have sent my minions to gather the rest of the weapons you found. You must stay here, since you appear to be the only one that can make the monsters drop weapons. Now go and defeat five Miasma Hulks in the Firepits.

  • Deliver the Manacled Nunchaku to Demongo.

Bring me the Manacled Nunchaku at once!

Demongo: Very good. Let me see that Manacled Nunchaku.

Very soon, you will know why Fuse's monsters go into a frenzy. In the meantime, you have collected another weapon in the Master Weapon's arsenal.

Demongo: Excellent. Soon, my minions will return to me with the other weapons that you have already collected.

Part Three of Four

Level 31 - Easy
Huntor's Crest - The Darklands
Mission Reward: Gaelic Boots, 9900 Fusion Matter, 7431 Taros

As expected. A frenzy has just gripped the Fusion Flies here in Huntor's crest. Do you need to ask me what to do? Fight them, of course.

I have detected ancient spirits near the Fusionflies here in Huntor's Crest. These spirits seem to have whipped these monsters into a frenzy. Defeat the Fusionflies, and see if you get a new weapon.

  • Deliver sword to Demongo.

Demongo: Ah, a Broad-Bladed Sword. Bring it to me.

Demongo: Good. If you were paying attention, you learned that ancient spirits are causing the monsters to frenzy. But why? And from where do they emerge? I'm sure you'd like to know.

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