Numbuh FiveA World Mission Dawn of the Spawn
Level 02
Difficulty Easy
Character Numbuh Five
Place Pokey Oaks North (The Future)
Defeat Fusion Spawns for Numbuh Five.
My Notes
I defeated Fusion Spawns in Pokey Oaks North to prevent them from coordinating future attacks.

Mission Offer

Dawn of the Spawn
Remember the Fusion Spawns you beat up for Numbuh Two? We're getting reports that they are coordinating their attacks with Fusion Spawns here in Pokey Oaks North. We gotta get 'em!
Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
Defeat five of 'em, and let's send a serious message

Mission Details

Step 1
Find the Fusion Spawns

Dawn of the Spawn
Go down to Pokey Oaks North to stop them Spawns from working together. This will be great practice for you, before we send your butt back to the past.

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
The Fusion Spawns down here are getting a bit too clever.
Step 2
Defeat five Fusion Spawns

Dawn of the Spawn
Defeat five Fusion Spawns in Pokey Oaks North. They're trying to team up with other Spawns, and we can't let 'em do it.

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
Good Job. Head on back to me.

Step 3
Return to Numbuh Five

Dawn of the Spawn
Good job getting those Spawns! Get back to Pokey Oaks North and I'll give you a reward or something.

Mission Summary

Dawn of the Spawn
You got the Spawns! We'll keep our eyes peeled to make sure them little green creeps don't start any more trouble. Is that time machine fixed yet?

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
Good stuff out there. We gotta stay on our guard and make sure those Spawns don't get all crazy again.

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